Recreational and sports activities

AMC School offers many activities inside and outside the school in order to create a large space for innovation, learning and entertainment.

The indoor activities include large halls that can be used for different types of activities such as scouting, sports, exhibitions, theater and others.

The outdoor activities include spacious playgrounds for different types of sports, including basketball, football, tennis and volleyball. In addition to gardens and large natural spaces suitable for different types of activities.

Students at AMC School participate in many activities, such as scouting, summer camps, charity work, social service, and more

Luxury and Safety

AMC School takes care of the psychological and physical safety of students, teachers and staff through the following measures:

Promote positive mental and emotional health by providing all stakeholders with the necessary information and support.Create a culture of support and maintenance of well-being and positive mental health.SPS students are generally encouraged to:

  • Communicate with family, friends, colleagues and teachers.Walking, running, jumping, dancing and playing.
  • Positive thinking.
  • Continue to learn and enter into new adventures.
  • Social Responsibility.

Caring for the environment inside and outside the school.All school staff and teachers are trained to make health and wellbeing a primary priority, in order to maintain a supportive environment that enables them to be proactive and have a positive driving experience.

School Activities

AMC School includes activities outside the school hours such as sports, which provide students with the opportunity to develop their personality and hobbies.

These activities are designed to give students the opportunity to try new activities and encourage them to take on new experiences.

Summer Activities

AMC School organizes a variety of recreational and educational summer camps, scouting activities, excursions, and exam preparation sessions, as needed and general circumstances permit.